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Posted by on 2015 Jan 16 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 4 comments

Cam’s Bipolar Blog 2014-2015 Interview w/ Anne Miner

Anne Miner interviews Cam Miner about Cam’s Bipolar Blog. The Blog was started in January of 2014, and now it is January of 2015. Please like, share, and enjoy. I hope everyone takes something positive away from this interview. =)


  1. Cam is very calm and articulate as he describes the experience of hypo mania.

    • Thanks Anne. Thank-you again for the interview. We didn’t prepare any questions or answers. The interview was very raw, and mostly uncut. I hope we can do another interview soon.

  2. Cam I am a patient in Southlake Hospital right now and I just went downstairs for a little me time when I came across your articles on display across from Subway I grabbed both articles and took an extra copy of each for my son. I have to say I read both articles and then looked up your blog on my cell phone. Your articles brought tears to my eyes as right now I’m in a place that is hard for me to describe let alone try to ask the doctors for help that I know I need I’m in hospital for other medical reasons right now but tried to tell them when I first came in that I was on a different state of mind I know I suffer from Bipolar Disorder as well as many other Mental illnesses. But reading your article tonight has now convinced me if I let them discharge me that my state if mind will still be in the bad place it still is in today and as this week has passed me bring in the hospital has not gotten my state better but worse because of everything that has been thrown in my direction medically. I want to say Thank you if your articles weren’t put down in front of Subway I might have been sent home in a real bad frame if mind but medically all doctors thinking I am ok because I was to shy to say anything. Thank you Cam for putting that light on for me. I appreciate it more then you’ll ever know. And maybe in my journey of moving forward we will meet in person. You are an inspiration and for that I’m great full. If you have any literature or good books you can recommend I would be very great flu for any info
    Thank you

    • I am glad some light was shed on you Maureen. =) Everyone deserves some light. I urge you to continue to seek out professional help. We are lucky to live in Canada with resources that help people facing mental health concerns. I realize it is hard to talk about with just anyone. The medical professionals really have to earn the trust and confidence of the patient, for the patient to feel comfortable sharing their struggles. South Lake is full of great staff, that really do care about your health and safety. You must try to be strong and advocate for yourself too. The doctors will make decisions about your treatment based on your actions and words. Tell them, to the best of your ability, how you feel. And keep talking about it.

      As for other literature… I must confess I don’t read many books. However I did buy my mum a book called “This Fragile Life: A Mother’s Story of a Bipolar Son”. She loved it. She found it helpful to read another persons perspective on the subject of mental health. That is what motivates me to write as well; opening up peoples minds to new perspectives.

      Thank you for your comments, as it encourages me to be candid about my experiences. I hope you get better soon.

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