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Posted by on 2016 Nov 27 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 0 comments

Welcome again

Welcome again

Welcome again to those who haven’t been here in a while, and hello to anyone new who has shown up to visit. Cam’s Bipolar Blog was started back in 2014 to start a conversation about mental health, and give me a medium to share my experiences in facing Bipolar Disorder. Last time I posted (January of 2015) I had just experienced a manic episode leading up to the Christmas Holiday of 2014. Following that experience, which is talked about in Traversing the Unsound Mind – Bipolar Disorder, I reached a low and faced the depressive component of my mood disorder in April of 2015, and I was more or less dysthymic for most of last year. I was facing a mild depression that seemed to last far longer than my hypo-manic or manic state. I have since stabilized again, and am back to a more level mood. Things are well, and life is good.

It has recently been brought to my attention that mental health is still a relevant topic and some people have enjoyed reading about my experience through my Blog. Earlier this summer, while at a wedding, someone who I had only just met brought up that they had read my Blog. As we talked about it, someone else I had just met asked if I could e-mail them a link to my blog. It is random encounters such as this that help me realize people value reading about such topics. This has motivated me to get the Blog going again. I recently gave a talk to a class, comprised of students studying social work, about my experience with mental health. I feel there is valuable information to be shared by being open about a topic as important as mental health. Hopefully, I can reach a few more people along the way by continuing my Bipolar Blog.

So to continue the Blog, I will start again to share my personal experience and also answer any questions readers may have. I will write from my familiarity and my perception on facing mental health struggles. I have been asked duplicate questions a few times before. For example: how does one broach the subject of mental health with family and peers? Also, how can I help those in my life who may face struggles related to mental health? I will address these questions as best I can over the coming Blog posts. I also welcome readers to ask questions, or maybe post topics related to mental health for me to write future Blog posts about. I would greatly appreciate reader participation.

As I have said before, I encourage those who show curiosity toward the subject of mental health to stay tuned, and come back to visit this site. And maybe you know somebody who would find this Blog helpful; please share. Thanks for reading, and have a good one.

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