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Hypo Mania – Extreme bout of Energy

Posted by on 2014 Dec 20 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 0 comments

When I am hypo-manic, I feel like anything is possible. If I can imagine myself doing it, it can be done. Obstacles are merely there to keep it a challenge, and they may slow me down, but I can overcome those complications. It would seem impossible to stop me completely, but my fears remind me that there is a dark side to this feeling I am experiencing. These days everything is going my way; I see the brighter side of every picture. That does not mean I don’t remember what the rival emotion, depression, might entail. For every up, I have an equal or greater descent. Yet every time I rise to this level of self-confidence, I can’t help but strive to stay here.

Depression – Exceedingly Sad / Isolated or Angry

Posted by on 2014 Aug 13 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 2 comments

“Depression is an awful dark void where not one rare high-spirited thought could reveal a sliver of light.” (Traversing the Unsound Mind) Depression is an illness of the mind. It is conceivable that any other part of the body can break; you can break a bone, or cut your skin, or an organ can fail. And for each of those times of incapacitation, when someone has broken his/her arm, been injured by a sharp object, or had a heart attack, people show their support without question. It should not then be inconceivable that the brain can suffer dysfunction. Depression is one of those dysfunctions, and people should show their support for people who suffer from this or any mental illness.

Welcome to my new blog

Posted by on 2014 Jan 30 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 0 comments

In light of the recent attention I have garnered towards my Mental Health, I have decided that I would like to continue the conversation. I have started a new Blog; I invite you to check it out if you feel it is worthwhile to read and talk about Mental Health. I will focus on my experience with Bipolar Disorder, which will include Depression and Mania. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Traversing the Unsound Mind

Posted by on 2014 Jan 30 in Cam's Bipolar Blog | 1 comment

These are the extreme emotions of a young adult traversing his unsound mind. In immersed thought I had imagined a world that was very removed from that of reality. I could, in one moment, have a realistic experience, and in the next my mind would think something else was taking place.